One Phenomenal Young YLs Journey Into Hamdom
Feb 25, 2017 | YL Stories

Behold, the future of ham~ The story of one YL's journey into hamdom. Meet Destiny, KG5MRD.

A B-R-O-A-D Overview of Propagation
Nov 12, 2016

A broad overview of the three main types of propagation: Groundwave, Line of Sight and Skywave.

Homework -- Working Amateur Satellites 101
Nov 7, 2016

Links and pass predictions for AO85 for November 8 - 14.

The Story of How One YL Got Involved In Ham Radio
Nov 1, 2016 | YL Stories

'd like to introduce you to a very good friend of mine. Here's the story of how she got involved in ham radio:

Ohm's Law -- Practical Application
Sep 29, 2016

A brief overview of OHM's Law and how to use it in your every day ham world.

That "Crazy New 220 Band", Ain't so new! Who knew?
Sep 20, 2016

Brief overview of the history and uses of the 220 band.

Soldering 101
Sep 20, 2016

An introduction to the ins and outs of soldering

One Great EmCom Story
Sep 20, 2016

A brief little story of how one future YL was introduced to ham radio

Mind your tone... and offset... and input frequency
Sep 20, 2016 | Repeaters

A refresher on what is needed to get on the air.

Maintaining and Adding To Your Shack
Aug 29, 2016

A few words about Fall shack maintenance and tips on buying used equipment.