Music Festivals


Integrated Website & Registration System

No need to manage both a registration system and a separate website, Ciniki provides both in a single management system.

Included in the setup fee is a custom website which once setup you can manage and easily update content and photos. Your website will look good on both mobile and desktop devices. Registrations can be made from any phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

You can continue to use a separate website and only use Ciniki for registrations.

In Person, Virtual & Hybrid Festivals

We support any combination of in person or virtual festivals. You can allow registrants to choose how they will perform, either virtual or in person as part of the same festival. There is no additional charge for a virtual option.

Our scheduling system allows you to print programs for in person and/or virtual performances.

Virtual festivals allow for youtube video submissions. Adjudicators can login on the integrated website and view all the videos for a class at the same time. The adjucators can write their comments on the same page and have the ability to edit their comments. No comments are sent to the participant until the festival director sends them.

Registrations & Payments

Registrations can be done on your integrated website by the teacher, parent or student themselves on either mobile, laptop or desktop devices. Earlybird fee option available.

Online payments require a account. Registrations can be set up to handle e-transfer payments.

Student registration lists are available for Teachers.

Donation buttons can be added to the website and shopping cart.

Schedule Management

Your schedule can be easily created from your syllabus and registrations. Multiple venues supported and multi-day schedules supported.

Download your schedule as a print ready PDF, including adjudicator biographies and photos.

Adjudicators Comments & Certificates

Adjudicators comment sheets are automatically created in PDF print ready format. Comments can be printed before the festival as blank templates or afterwards and will include comments and mark entered by the adjudicator.

Adjudications can be done online for either both in person and virtual festivals.

Certificates can be automatically generated using your festivals template in PDF format ready for print or email.

Comments and certificates can be emailed to both the teacher and student directly from Ciniki.

Festival Photos

Easily add photos for your festival from your phone. You can login to the Ciniki Management system on your phone and add photos to the photo gallery page. These photos will be immediately and automatically added to your website.

This festival system was developed for us by our web designer, Andrew Rivett who works with a number of arts organizations. When we had to quickly switch to virtual last year, Andrew made it so easy for festival organizers and the adjudicators. Andrew's designs are intuitive, and his technical support is amazing. I highly recommend Ciniki.

Suu Taylor, Executive Director South Simcoe Arts Council

THANK YOU ANDREW! Honestly you have been amazing throughout this entire process. You are totally freaking amazing!

Pam Allen, Ontario Music Festivals Association, Festival Administrator


Ciniki provides direct access to the developer.

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to make a change, not being able to figure it out and you can't reach anyone to answer your question.

There is nobody in the middle, support is provided by Andrew Rivett, the developer of the system. He uses Zoom to provide hands on support with shared screen and is available to walk you through any problems.

Andrew is available by email or phone, and his response time is within hours so questions can be quickly answered.

Anybody from your organisation may contact Andrew, it is not limited to only 1 person.

Finally an easy to use solution that saves you time and frustration.


The cost for up to 1000 registrations is $50/month or $1/registration/year (minimum charge of $180/year). You can choose the best fit for your organization. Changes to payment structure can be made once per year.

The setup fee is $1000 which includes a custom website colour scheme and layout. The setup fee includes 5 hours of online training via Zoom and screen sharing.

Virtual Demo

The best way to understand what the capabilities of Ciniki are and if it will meet your needs is to get a demo. I offer free demo's via Zoom sharing my screen and showing you how the system works.

Contact me below to setup your demo.