Members - Peg Parsons

Medium: Weaving, Chair Caning, Painting, Acrylic, Watercolors, Pottery, Basketry, Quilting and Doll making.
Artist Statement: I enjoy art and feel it helps me balance my life. Without art, the world would be lost. Everybody can enjoy some form of art – it’s our nature.
Resume: I attended Colorado State University. My major was art with a minor in English. While living in Japan in the early 1960s I took classes in Sumie and Doll making. In the 1980s I started The Bottoms Out chair caning service and ran that in the Washington D.C. area until we retired to Maine. Every year you can see my work either in the Fine Arts area of the county fair or the Home Economics sections. I have received awards in many categories but one of my proudest was to be picked for the poster for the annual 10 by 10 held in Brunswick, Maine every year.
Inspiration: I enjoy the inspiration that I get from other artists and the encouragement I receive from the art league. My husband is very supportive of the mess which seems to always follow me.
Other Information: I am trying to discipline myself to finish illustrating the two children’s books I’ve written. Do children read books anymore? I’m interested in drawing portraits and would like to find a portrait class in this area. I like dogs. I do cook and clean once in awhile if company is coming.

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